The Forgotten Bomber

312th bg b32 color flight 4x6

A 312th Bomb Group Consolidated B-32 Dominator over the Philippines during a mission in the summer of 1945. The Dominator was quickly discarded and forgotten following the success of the B-29 Superfortress program, and only the 312th saw operational service with this unusual bomber. General Kenney had wanted B-29’s for his Far Eastern Air Forces, but Arnold denied that request the year before, wanting to keep the Superforts focused on the strategic campaign against the Japanese home islands. So Kenney asked for the B-32, and got just enough by the summer of 1945 for the 312th to fly a handful of missions before the end of the war.




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One thought on “The Forgotten Bomber

  1. It also was the last enemy plane challenged in the air by Saburo Sakai himself:

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