Jordanian Snow Dog

_DM43191Dear Friends,


I do hope the holiday season has treated you and your family well. We here in Independence, Oregon were blessed with a rare break from Hurricane Gwenie, a storm system that has been ravaging the house for a year now. For whatever reason, Gwen decided to allow the presents to live, the tree to not be wrecked and the new “training” couches to go uneaten. She did decide to decapitate our Santa Claus and left his crushed, severed brain pan on the front entryway floor in a small pile, along with Santa’s arms and part of Rudolph. Nevertheless, the big stuff survived, so I’m calling it a win. Progress. Baby steps….

Anyhoo, yesterday, I took Gwenie and Ryder up to Cabanistan, where we drove into a small snow storm. As you may recall, Gwenie experienced snow (and hypothermia) the first weekend she arrived in the United States in November 2014. She got a small taste of it again a few weeks ago at Cabanistan when we got about a quarter inch.

This time, we arrived in our favorite spot in the Oregon woods to find some decent sized drifts and perhaps six inches already on the ground. Not sure how Gwenie would respond to it, I turned her loose with Ryder. I’ll let the photos I tell the rest of the story. Suffice to say, while our Jordanian refugee lacks the proper camouflage for winter conditions, she clearly has a snow dog’s heart._DM43189


Best wishes to all of you in 2016, and thank you so much for making this little corner of the web such a success,


John & Gwenie












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