Warbirds Road Trip

Heading for the Chino Air Show today with more camera gear than I can carry!  Looking forward to sharing the images I capture of the amazing war birds that will be making low-level passes over the old Cal Aero Academy airfield out east of LA. This was the site of one of the USAAF’s primary flight training facilities, and many great aces went through the program there, including Gerald R. Johnson.

Will be road tripping down with my father, John Bruning Sr. This voyage to the Southern California desert is something we’ve been doing since the mid-1980’s. It either ends up being a 5 hour drive of awesome discussions on everything from current politics, history and economics, or we end up wanting to kill each other as we argue for hours over something totally ridiculous, like when the FM-2 Wildcat production run ended. The latter almost caused my son to jump out of the car somewhere on the Grapevine back in 2013. 🙂

Stay tuned. Have caffeine and a tranquilizer dart gun just in case my old man starts getting obnoxious….


—John R. Bruning (jr)

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