The Volunteers, 2016

This past weekend, our volunteer OPFOR group, the 973rd Civilians on the Battlefield, spent a day at the Biak Training Center working with 2nd Battalion, 162nd Infantry, Oregon National Guard. The 973rd was founded in 2008 to provide training support to the Guard and law enforcement, and the relationship between the Volunteers of 2-162 and the volunteers of the 973rd has always been a close one. After a three year hiatus, the two groups reunited in the Central Oregon Desert for a day of squad level field exercises.

Some photos from the range:


SFC Steve Warming, veteran of the 2-162’s Iraq deployment in 04-05, leads a hot wash after a squad assault.



Advancing under simulated fire.



An M249 SAW gunner suppresses a 973rd two man element.



Shawn Jenkins, veteran of 2-162’s 2004 deployment to Iraq and member of the 973rd, gets searched following a simulated firefight.


Gabe Sapp served with Bravo 2-162 during the 04-05 deployment. He ETS’ed in 05 and came back into the Guard last fall. In his civilian life, he is a Corvallis, Oregon police officer.



Looking out for trouble.


Sergeant Chase Howe leads his squad forward.



Sergeant Howe reacts to the 973rd’s ambush.


Stalking the 973rd’s ambush element.



American Warrior.



The 973rd at Biak Training Center, Redmond Oregon August 2016

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