Photo of the Day: The 1st French Army in Action

1st French Army Belfort France  Bren Gun and Sten Gun teams 112144   (1 of 1)

French troops and Maquis fighters, armed with British weapons including a Sten gun and a Bren light machine gun, cover a major intersection in Belfort, France during the battle to liberate the city on November 21, 1944.


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Photo of the Day: French Armored Division Fights its Way into Belfort 1944

5th French Armored Div 2nd Bn de Choc Commandos M4 Sherman battling into Belfort France 112044 (1 of 1)

French commandos support a 5th French Armored Division M4 Sherman tank during the liberation of Belfort, France on November 20, 1944.

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Allies: Brazilian Consolidated PBY Catalinas in the Atlantic War

PBY 1a BrazilianDuring the Second World War, Brazil served as the critical partner in the Allied alliance in Latin America. Brazilian troops served in combat in Italy, as did one of their fighter groups. Brazilian Naval Aviation also played a an important┬árole in anti-U-boat patrols in the South Atlantic. Flying Lockheed Hudson’s and Consolidated PBY Catalinas, Brazilian air crews scoured the seas in search of the ever-elusive German submarines that were taking such a heavy toll on Allied shipping.

On July 31, 1943, a Brazilian PBY crew discovered U-199 on the surface east of Rio de Janeiro. Along with a Brazilian Hudson and a USN PBM Mariner, the PBY crew attacked the U-boat with depth charges. Second Lieutenant Alberto M. Torres and his Catalina crew received credit for sinking her.Twelve German sailors, including U-199’s skipper, were able to escape their doomed boat. When Torres spotted them helpless in the water, he ordered his men to drop them a lifeboat. The Germans clambered aboard and were subsequently rescued by a U.S. Navy┬áseaplane tender, USS Barnegat.

12-30 Brazilian PBY and Crew in Color

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