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The Jordanian Puppy School of Interior Design


Remodeling takes a lot out of a pup.

Okay, so I was going to sit down tonight and write a new post about the second book I had published. I’m way behind on that section of this website, and call this ego, but I hate seeing only Crimson Sky up there when I’ve written sixteen others. 🙂

But, it has been a long day. Both kids are in the school play, Oklahoma, and opening night is tomorrow. As a result, they’ve been at the theater every night until at least 10 pm, and they are totally smoked. Half the cast is sick, and if anyone had gone to Disneyland over the holidays, we’d all probably have measles too.

Oklahoma dress run through. Ed's at far left in the back row.

Oklahoma dress run through. Ed’s at far left in the back row.

So, I returned to an empty house tonight. Well, not so empty. Gwenie has decided to redecorate the living room. With shoes. Boots. A toilet brush, which she artfully used to bedazzle the couch. A couch, by the way, that she has done her best to eat. Good thing it was twenty-one years old anyway and in desperate need of replacement. There also appears to be a torn up, unraveled roll of toilet paper coiling around the furniture and leading, like a white ribbon, into the kitchen. Where the trash has been thoughtfully placed on display across the floor. Just in case we accidentally threw something away that we needed. The new floor, which was mopped and scrubbed two days ago, is covered with muddy puppy prints and long paw skidmarks from where Gwenie was learning to drift I guess. She’d be great at that–she’s got a supercharged V8’s worth of energy and is all wheel drive.

Add to the mix a few socks, some kitchen towels, a couple of pillows, some chewed up nerf darts and a couple of Legos  caged out of Ed’s room, and I have a near complete remodel here.   I believe the style is called Early Jordanian Puppy.

I think this was payback for not taking her for a walk. In the meantime, she has now captured a feather duster and is sampling its feathery goodness.

I need to teach her to mop the floor. Seriously, it was spotless on Monday.

I need to teach her to mop the floor. Seriously, it was spotless on Monday, and Jenn bought the runners so the dogs would dry their feet as they came in and padded across them. Hasn’t worked out that way.

That’s all for now, I have some cleaning to do….





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