Summer Writing Marathon

C.4.2 PAL Beechcraft pre war

One of the Philippine Air Line Beech 18’s. Pappy flew this unarmed aircraft in combat during the early part of the war.

Dear Friends,

I haven’t posted much over the past six weeks, but that will soon change. I’ve got a backlog of amazing stories culled from documents and interviews that I am eager to share with y’all. Right now, I’m furiously trying to finish my 20th book, Indestructible, which is a fresh look at the life of Paul “Pappy” Gunn, the legendary pilot and mad genius of General Kenney’s 5th Air Force.G86A7842

I’m currently holed up in a tiny cabin in the Willamette National Forest to make sure I have no distractions. Getting up here was a challenge, as the research for the book filled an SUV and my GTO. I’m currently surrounded by two dozen five inch binders full of documents, letters, diaries, etc., along with scores of books, two computers, six external hard drives filled with more documents and photos etc. Today it rained up here in the woods, which made me quite happy. The forest is so dry that I’ve been a bit worried the fire conditions. I don’t need all this stuff consumed in a blaze during the last push to deliver the manuscript. 🙂


Part of the Gunn Family’s legacy in Quitman, Arkansas.

Anyway, more stories and things to come!





Pappy’s father’s grave in Quitman, Arkansas.

John R. Bruning

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3 thoughts on “Summer Writing Marathon

  1. The 5th AF is right up my alley – looking forward to it!!

  2. Yes, looking forward to the finished product.

  3. We are all so dry and seek rain and knowledge…..

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