August 7, 1942

August 7, 1942: Elements of the 1st Marine Division go ashore at Guadalcanal, sparking a six month campaign that changed the course of the Pacific War.

guadalcanal invasion fleet in color 4x6

The Allied amphibious fleet off Guadalcanal, dawn August 7, 1942.






Henderson Field Guadalcanal Aug 22 42 861 4x6

Henderson Field, the vital airstrip that became the focal point of the Guadalcanal Campaign, seen on August 22, 1942.


Men of the 7th Marines pushing into the jungle on August 7, 1942.


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3 thoughts on “August 7, 1942

  1. Thousands of stories of unmatched courage and fortitude… and they are being omitted from our school’s textbooks…

    • I fully agree. And in England, we always seem extra scared of being patriotic in schools in case we offend anybody from an ethnic background. In actual fact, if you pick your stories carefully, you can include rather than exclude people. The Indians and Pakistanis who fought for England, for example, the African soldiers etc etc

  2. Probably one of the most ironic quotes ever written:

    “Because Guadalcanal – the setting for the film – could not sustain a movie crew, as well as other logistical considerations, The Thin Red Line was filmed primarily in the Daintree Rainforest in Queensland, Australia.”

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