Scenes from Katrina

New Orleans, September 2005. Some of my moments in the city, Post-Hurricane Katrina, when I was embedded with 2nd Battalion, 162nd Infantry, Oregon National Guard. We were in North-Central, based out of the NO Baptist Seminary on Gentilly.



2-162 used commandeered, abandoned city busses to move around New Orleans.


Hundred and three degrees. On patrol in a north-central neighborhood still partially flooded at the end of September.


SSG Jason Obersinner moments before he was evacuated and underwent emergency surgery following an injury to his arm while on a patrol.



CASEVAC at the New Orleans Baptist Seminary.




Eighty percent of the pets in New Orleans died after Katrina. They were abandoned by their owners, many left locked inside steaming hot houses or apartments. Some, like this dog, were chained to their front porches. The NOPD tried to arrest the animal rescue volunteers we met who came into the city to save as many as they could.

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2 thoughts on “Scenes from Katrina

  1. Great to see you helping animals as well as people. Well done!

  2. Before today, I had not known that 80% of the pets in New Orleans died after Katrina. I don’t know the source of that statistic, but it doesn’t really surprise me. Having ridden out hurricanes in Mobile and New Orleans, I know many stayed behind to protect their property from looting . . . and some stayed behind to loot. I don’t think either group had given any thought to the fact that the city would be flooded to the extent that it was. By the time the animal rescue volunteers showed up, I imagine the police saw them as just another band of looters.

    I wonder how many pets were lost to Katrina in Gulf Coast Mississippi.

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